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If you want to find the right personal loan to suit your specific needs and circumstances, irrespective of your situation, you have come to the right place!
We will assess your loan eligibility against multiple lender criteria, then put you in direct contact with the loan provider offering the best solution to your individual needs. No obligation, no cost ... and no adverse credit file entries!
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Whether you need a loan to purchase or re-finance an asset ... or unsecured finance to meet other financial goals or commitments, we can help you find the best loan solution.
Asset financing can include home loans, car loans, boat loans, caravan loans, truck loans and business loans (including commercial property, equipment finance, business aquisition loans and start-up business funding). Unsecured lending includes debt consolidation and other personal loans for travel, weddings, bills, elective surgery, emergency expenses ... and just about anything else that you need.
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Submitting this assessment will NOT result in a credit enquiry through any reporting agency and will not have an adverse affect on your credit file. Therefore, any offers that may be extended to you will be conditional upon the accuracy of the information that you provide and will be subject to credit agency verification only should you choose to proceed with a loan.
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When you complete our online form, our database instantly queries the lending criteria of over 2000 financial services specialists nation-wide, including finance companies and brokers, to determine who is best placed to set your loan at the most competitive rates. We then put you in direct contact with the provider with whom you can then deal directly.
Unsecured personal loans: Warning to borrowers.
The following information is specific to unsecured personal loans.
- The minimum period for repayment is 6 months, maximum period 5 years.
- the maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) including all fees and charges is 36% for small, shorter term loans. Longer term loans for larger amounts may be available for an APR of 15% or lower.
- for example, a $1000 loan over 6 months could require a fortnightly repayment amount of as much as $96.92 including total costs of $260 in addition to the amount that you borrowed.
Secured loans such as home loans, car loans, etc. are usually a much cheaper finance option. The interest rate will be different depending on what you are financing. For example, home loan interest rates will be typically lower than for a car, boat, caravan or truck loan.