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Internet Loans Australia can help you find the right loan provider to finance just about any worthwhile purpose!

We connect you directly with specialists in your particular area of need who can help you find the right loan at the right rates with the right advice, whatever your finance needs.

Whether you need a loan for a car, a caravan, a boat loan, finance for a wedding, funding an overseas holiday, buying new furniture, a swimming pool, a home extension ... or even if you are simply consolidating credit cards or other loans ... we can help take the legwork out of finding the best deal.

No Credit Check!!

When using our online assessment form, your enquiry is NOT recorded with any credit agencies.

Most website applications with other companies actually have your enquiry recorded - which would adversely affect your credit rating if you did not proceed with them.

This is not the case when you submit your loan enquiry with us.

Access Multiple Lenders

When you make a finance enquiry for any type of loan with Internet Loans Australia, you not only get a free pre-assessment of your loan eligibility, we connect you with our network of specialist brokers and lenders who, in turn, can provide you with appropriate advice and assist you in the preparation of a finance application..

And the best news, our entire loan finder service to you is absolutely free and without any obligation!

Unsecured personal loans: Warning to borrowers.
The following information is specific to unsecured personal loans.
- The minimum period for repayment is 6 months, maximum period 5 years.
- the maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) including all fees and charges is 36% for small, shorter term loans. Longer term loans for larger amounts may be available for an APR of 15% or lower.
- for example, a $1000 loan over 6 months could require a fortnightly repayment amount of as much as $96.92 including total costs of $260 in addition to the amount that you borrowed.
Secured loans such as home loans, car loans, etc. are usually a much cheaper finance option. The interest rate will be different depending on what you are financing. For example, home loan interest rates will be typically lower than for a car, boat, caravan or truck loan.